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years of experience in construction

We are a RIBA chartered, design-led practice based in Falmouth, Cornwall, founded in May 2018. We provide a full range of architectural services and have been successful despite just 2 years old.


Our projects include private homes, commercial builds, and restorations, listed buildings... We enjoy working closely with our clients to come up with innovative and inspiring solutions.


We're involved in all kinds of residential, small and medium-sized commercial projects, but we also have an interest in community involvement, art projects, and design challenges.


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Michael Hormann is a German engineer and architect who has been based in Cornwall for over twelve years. He has extensive experience both locally and abroad and is an RIBA chartered architect. He has lent his skills to a vast array of projects including restorations of listed buildings, new builds, adaptations, and conversions of family homes and commercial properties.

Michael's work as an architect is underpinned by previous civil engineering experience in Germany, where he worked as a technician on bridges, roads, drainage systems and renaturation projects. His expertise shines through in innovative, practical, and beautiful designs and a 'hands-on' approach through every stage of a construction project.

Michael founded his previous company Märraum in 2013 where he was the sole architect and his philosophy and ideas were brought to life through the business. He "left" Märraum in early 2018. See Michael Hormann's Portfolio for a glimpse of his previous projects.

Michael's business ethos and ideology can now be found at Hormann Architects.


Hormann Architects

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Michael Hormann Dipl.-Ing. Architect RIBA / ARB

Michael Hormann is part and active member of the Falmouth and Penryn community.

I have to say a thank you for all the support I've received. Without this support Hormann Architects would not be existing:

Myra and Brinley Morris and their great family, Emmylou Rahtz,  Mireya + Friday, Rosemary Hormann, Phil Wyatt, Madeleine Rahtz, The band members of Wives of Farmers (Jamie, Kees, Jeff, Scott, Matt + Wives of Wives + Helen (The Equatorial Group) https://wivesoffarmers.bandcamp.com), Peter Skerrett, Robert Woolf of Sea Communications + Team, Team Robotmother (Andrew, Caroline, Miles, Leigh), Miss Peapods, Tom Readings, Barry Cooper, Chris Hendra, Matt Mullaly, Ruth Gingell, Ros and Peter Harrison, Mark and Gilly Roberts + Nicky and Bez, Philip Sinclair, Anthony Garratt, Jamie, Kiki + Robin, Bar, Will, Claire, Jake and Martha, Esther, Claire and Grant, Marie-Aude, Adéla, Anja and Mark, Damien Shingleton aka Screechy Badman, Mark and Loz Shiprights + Team, Felicity Notley, Christian Reehuis, Alice Loosen, Sabina Dominik, Potager Garden, Provedore, Source FM Radio Team (Simon, Lizzie, Lou), Philippa Trevelyan and Marc Lothian, Andrew Cooper, Colin Maundrell, Sam and Esme, Kieron Shepherd and many other friends which are not mentioned.