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There are the obvious architecture programmes such as "Grand Designs" with Kevin McCloud, George Clarke with programmes such as "Amazing Spaces" as well as huge amount of books all around architecture and design.

This recommendation is a more personal one about the appearance of architecture and construction in the media, which influences and inspires me.

Architecture and Construction in the Media

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Your Home Made Perfect

Angela Scanlon presents a home makeover show with a difference, as cutting-edge virtual reality and visual effects enable people to see what the future of their home could look like, before it is built in reality. 

BBC Two available on BBC iPlayer

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A House Through Times

Historian David Olusoga returns to the BBC with a brand new series of A House Through Time.

Just like the first series, the social history documentary will explore the history of a single house. By charting the lives of the its inhabitants, the series will show how a seemingly hum-drum terraced house can hide incredible historical secrets and moving personal stories.

BBC Two available on BBC iPlayer

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Die Strasse from Gerda Raidt

"Die Strasse" ("The Street"), is a recently published book tells the history of Germany's turbulent last 100 years through the prism of a single street and an apartment building, which is home to two families. Interesting to see the subtle changes to a building through the eyes of history. The history includes the Third Reich.

The book is available in German language only. ISBN-13: 978-3407794444

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Brighton upside down house soon to open

No this is not a client nightmare of using an architect. However, a lovely little curiosity which make you think what a house is. What makes a perfect home.

Visit Brighton

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Hidden Killers

Dr Suzannah Lipscomb explores the history of construction and innovation and its impact on humans. This program is especially good to understand deadly dangers in the past and the impact on current Building Regulations and other Health and Safety regulations.

BBC Four available on BBC iPlayer

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The Victorian Slum

In the heart of the modern East End of London, a Victorian slum has been recreated and a group of 21st-century people are moving in. Michael Mosley joins them to tell the extraordinary story of how the Victorian East End changed our attitude to poverty forever. A reminder of what quality of space and social welfare and access to healthcare means. Depressing to learn about expressions such as Dosshouse, Four penny coffin, Twopenny Hangover......

BBC Two currently not available on BBC iPlayer

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