Mr L and Mr Hutchinson had private conversations. Considering that Mr Hutchinson was the private accountant and business consultant of Marraum this is an unacceptable unprofessional act. I asked several time to reveal the content of the talks which never disclosed to me. And in his communication he also used war rhetoric. Keep your powder dry.

He also got involved to undervalue the company to a value of £130k to £150k in favour of Mr L and Mrs S and on the other hand to boast about his impact and that the company made profits excessing £200k. Ather accountants valued the company at an access of £300k.

Mrs Read is another person and business consultant which disappointed. She wrote an extremely negative report used in one enquiry to defend my ex business partners. Some of the content is wrong. I am shocked how many untrustworthy people without any integrity are around.


Negative was the point that Mr L did not respect my professional role and education. In an email he wrote to Mr Hutchinson clearly his disrespect to my position as the architect and that his wife should earn the same salary as she is equal as important. I considered this approach which was encouraged by Mr Hutchinson as a deeply unreasonable for two reasons:


First I founded the company and I sacrificed a low salary in order to develop the company. Mr S came to the company 5 years after being founded.

But second and most important I have had at Märraum the highest and most important business relevant education and an experience of more than 17years.

At the end my ex business partner and his wife got the company and forced me into a deal using a insolvency practitioner. They were never interested in a fair solution. This started how Mrs Sawle made me sign a paper in-between meetings which promoted her to a director without my full attention or intention. This is unbelievable sneaky.  They paid only £50k and took all projects I did in the first 2,5 years, which I did on my own before Mr Laskey joined, as well as banned me from trade in Penryn for 2 years and took all the branding and marketing. Especially The Jubilee Warehouse and the Brain of Brian Barge were my first projects and Adam nothing to do with both. It shows a horrible character and they only wanted the warehouse as the office is in the building.

It reveals that Mr L and Mr S are utterly egoistic. Especially Mrs S has forgotten her promotion from working as a service person in a cafe in Truro to work in an office with her husband. They are greedy and they have no morals. The way they treated me in the offices undermined my confidence and raised their profiles and caused anxiety and stress and mental health issues. They advertise with projects in the name of Märraum I only did and which started and founded Marraum.

Thank you.

Secret communication with the accountant of Mr Laskey with Mr Hutchinson regarding levelling salaries and his view towards my education and experience in relation to how he sees his wife Mrs Sawle.

First secret email from Mr Hutchinson regarding internal office issues and levelling all salaries. Finishing with war rhetoric

Keep your powder dry.

Email from me to Sally Read about concerns regarding change of relationship within Marraum

Email from Sally Read about me with a very biased view used in an enquiry. Especially considering that I had communication to her regarding issues in the office. Interesting is her email in the contrast that I lost a company, projects I only did, my developed branding and being banned for 2 years and attacked by my business partners at the time our baby girl was born. Adam and Daisy did more and more over the time to sabotage my position as architect and founder and it was the opposite of trying to support me. 

Excerpt from an Interview with Sally Read and mentioning the impact of stress to relationships in the company. The interview is far more complex than her letter to defend my ex business partners and his wife an enquiry.

Mr Hutchinson email to me and praising his financial influence to Marraum (achieving profit exceeding £200k), which was not reflected in his estimation of the value of the business.

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My enquiry into Mr Hutchinsons behaviour dealing with Marraum

Apology from Mr Hutchinson regarding some unfair behaviour towards me on the street. Possibly still feeling guilty.