Covid 19

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These are uncertain times. The outbreak of this virus has an impact to our life in a form most of us have not experienced before. I will continue to work  as long as it is sensible . I am set up to work from home and modern technology is a great help for remote communication.

Most important in these times is to respect and care about everyone, especially the most vulnerable in society and to look after the key workers, who are doing amazing work.  My work has less priority than those of work of key workers  and it is important that my actions will not impact on their performance. I try to help and support my family as well as the community around where I life. 

I am maybe therefore slower but I am here to help and assist clients as well, including new enquiries.

I wish all of you all the best



I follow the advice of the governments in the UK and in Germany. Slowing down the spread of the Coronavirus and dealing with the situation will be a challenge. There is warning news from other countries which demonstrate what a health service and health workers, who are overwhelmed by numbers of infected not able to cope, means. We still don't know all about the virus, what impact it has on the long term health on those who had it and like viruses do they can mutate. 

Practising distance, hygiene, and washing the hands regularly is possibly the best thing we can do. The next few weeks won't be simple for us as a family and also for Most of Everyone else. I have admiration for everyone in the health care sector and I mean it. I did over a year of civilian service and half of it as an assistant nurse. I decided after this time not to work in health care, as I realized I would not able to handle all the experience. People who do this work are very special and important as well as those who keep us supplying with all necessary. Everyday heroes.