Moving on from Märraum

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Dipl.-Ing. Michael Hormann

Moving on from Märraum

January, 2019

It is more than a year ago that I had to leave märraum, the company I founded. The relationship to my ex-business "partner" and his wife changed, broke down as well as the ideas of what märraum is. My influence to märraum includes the design and supervision to the majority of projects (2018), the branding, identity and management of märraum and starting a company 2 years before my ex business partner joined. I invested so many hours of my time, my professional and personal life experience to found märraum, to design and to deliver projects. I am proud and passionate of what I have achieved with märraum and I met wonderful clients and employees.

I have started a new company called Hormann Architects in the heart of Falmouth. This name Hormann Architects is not such a clever name invention as "märraum", with its deep meaning. However, this new company has my beliefs and values of architecture, which started märraum, deep in its core. I belief architecture is the story of spaces and to create spaces, which tell stories and which are a stage for more stories. And stories is a metaphor for all forms of human interactions.

It seems something is right as the response from friends, community, old customers and new clients is encouraging.