Moving on from Märraum

A story 'märchen' with a bad end ?

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January, 2019

Moving on from Märraum

It is more than a year ago that I had to leave märraum, the company I founded  2 years before my ex-business partner joined. The relationship to my ex-business "partner" and his wife changed, broke down as well as the ideas of what märraum is. My influence on märraum includes the design and supervision of the majority of projects (as at 2018), branding, identity, many interior design ideas (plants in the light well, ambient light in a conference room), and management of märraum. Well, it says it all that they don't mention me at all (is it greed?).

I don't forgive them for being so cruel and perfidious together with the help of Mike Hutchinson (director and accountant from Peloton Accountants) to push me out of the business, at my/our most vulnerable time, our baby girl Mireya was born. They are both egoistic people with no integrity!

Mike Hutchinson and Adam Laskey had private meeting behind my back.

Märraum was founded with the help of Myra and Brinley Morris in the Attic of No2 Stratton Place in Falmouth. I invested so many hours of my time, my professional and personal life experience to found märraum, to design and to deliver projects, which the new owners of märaum still use to advertise, without even being involved and before they joined Marraum (Jubilee Warehouse, Timbers in Feock, No24 Dunstanville Terrace, Brain of Brian Barge Penryn, Devoran Old School Devoran). I am actually disgusted of my ex-business partner and his wife, not because they are not architects, but because of their behaviour and that they are using projects I did and make them appear as their company achievements and keep my input into märraum secret. As a customer you should think twice, if you can trust people with such ethics and who are good to adorn themselves with borrowed plumes.

I am proud and passionate about what I have achieved with märraum and I met wonderful clients and employees.

I have started a new company called Hormann Architects in the heart of Falmouth. This name Hormann Architects is not such a clever name invention as the German word "märraum", with its deep meaning. However, this new company has my beliefs, values of architecture, and the German Umlaut, which started märraum, deep in its core. I believe architecture is the story of spaces and to create spaces, which tell stories and which are a stage for more stories. And stories are a metaphor for all forms of human interactions.

It seems something is right as the response from friends, community, old customers, and new clients is encouraging.

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Dipl.-Ing. Michael Hormann

Photo of my screen after a Marraum internet search. Mr. Laskey and his wife ignoring any of my history to Märraum. The German name, majority of projects to 2018, business appearance, branding, and that I was the sole founder who did all the hard work setting up the company. 

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