Our Philosophy

This is possibly most difficult to describe and explain. The best examples for Hormann Architects design philosophy are completed buildings. Buildings which best communicate our philosophy are the Jubilee Warehouse, the floating office "Brain of Brian". However there are a lot of less visible examples of new houses, extensions, art projects all over Cornwall and in Germany.

We believe that humans flourish in a certain kind of environment. Spaces for living and working should be comfortable, healthy and inspiring.


We pay attention to the quality of materials used and believe in creating buildings that will stand the test of time and adapt themselves to the changing needs of future generations.

And we are independent. We try to find and give the best solution and advise for a project. And we do like to communicate with

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Our Studio

Positioned in the middle of Falmouth on the vibrant Falmouth High Street community is the studio of Hormann Architects. The studio should be another example for the ambition and philosophy of Hormann Architects. Space and light quality are extreme important and have a huge influence on the health and wellbeing us.

Our Library

As important as the studio is a large library of books and literature about architecture, details, urban design, art, .......The library is a heavy weight of knowledge and inspiration.

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