As an Architect and Engineer, I offer all kinds of services. An architect is in some form a space doctor a space technician. From helping with designing spaces and buildings, helping to provide construction information as well as doing site inspections. Less known to the public is using an Architect as a consultant to make decisions prior to buying a house, make a building more warm, dry, and healthy, saving money, creating more value, or overcome technical issues. At the center of my understanding of architecture are the human the inhabitant and the user. In principle any building is a further skin, a shell, to protect us as inhabitants/users from the outside elements, to keep us dry and warm and safe. To feel comfortable in a space we as humans need also light, air, views, different spaces for different functions, etc. And the wider aspect of a building, the site, the topography, the setting within a context, the community is also essential for space. The most successful buildings and spaces are for me those, which make the people using it most comfortable and which are in their functionality most versatile. Those are buildings and spaces, which survive many years, centuries and collect a rich history of stories of its inhabitants and users. To achieve this a building needs to be functional and useful, durable, and technical constructed, and also beautiful. 

Our Principles


We want to live in a place guided by empathy, respect, justice, generosity, courage, fun, and love. (George Monbiot)


We follow the Vitruvian principles:

Vitruvius, was a Roman author, architect, civil engineer, and military engineer


Firmatis (Durability) - It should stand up robustly and remain in good condition.


Utilitas (Utility) - It should be useful and function well for the people using it.


Venustatis (Beauty) - It should delight people and raise their spirits.

We do like principles set by the Bauhaus which was a Movement of Art, Design, Architecture, and Technology.

and so much more

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