Services Offered

  • all RIBA stages 0-7 offered

  • consultation

  • measured surveys and drawings as existing

  • feasibility studies

  • concepts

  • construction drawings

  • construction advice

  • planning applications

  • building regulations

  • heritage and listed buildings

  • site inspection and project management

  • urban planning

  • design of small and large constructions

  • child-friendly spaces

  • co-design

  • unusual projects

  • 3D modelling as standard

  • BIM

  • Virtual Reality

  • technical design

Whether you have clear ideas about what you want, or need to discuss a few different options, we can assist you with a wide variety of architectural projects from minor alterations to restorations to new builds. And more.


We always put the client's wishes at the heart of what we do and remain in close contact throughout the process. Please get in touch for an initial consultation. Our services can be tailored to your particular needs.


We do design with the human needs in the centre. We dislike using the expression sustainable as it is abused in the construction industry to make good warm insulated buildings more special and more expensive. We can do houses to the best technical standard creating a healthy, warm, practical a protected environment for all inhabitants and users.