“If a person has ugly thoughts, it begins to show on the face. And when that person has ugly thoughts every day, every week, every year, the face gets uglier and uglier until you can hardly bear to look at it.

― Roald Dahl, The Twits

Excerps from videos of my business partners following me in our office. This form of bullying caused extreme stress. The videos show how I try to hide from being chased.  

What do you think of someone who:


(I cannot say what I think as they will use legal power and solicitors again)

who get rid of the founder because the wife of my ex-business partner, Mrs. S, demanded a more important role and the same salary as me the founder and architect with business-specific qualifications! She also entered the company 4.5 years after I founded it.


who abused my trust in signing a document in-between meetings, which made the ex-business partner wife Mrs. S a director without me recognizing until it was too late. Questioned she only commented to me 'bad luck'.


who had private and secret communication and meetings with the business accountant Mr. Hutchinson of Peloton accountancy in Penryn behind my back? I was a director of marraum at that time, Mr. Hutchinson did not inform me that the is having meetings with other directors, my business partner, and his wife. These meetings were used to set up the strategy to remove me from the business. Very unprofessional Mr. Hutchinson! Also, Mr. Hutchinson, as I found out later, did similar behavior to at least two more businesses. Mor Design a landscape company of David Buurma and a restaurant in Truro.

who used tactics such as filming me in the office without my permission and accusing me of harassment to the police, when I took the cameraphone away and threw it into the Penryn River. I had to defend myself at the police station for 3 hours and was released without any conviction.


who accused me of wrongdoing with employees, which turned out to be wrong. However, it made me more and more stressed and possibly caused at least one mistake incident in communicating with our receptionist. 

who used an insolvency practitioner to increase the pressure. A majority of directors could declare the company insolvent when it was not the case. This meant the best bid would win the tender and the business. Just inheriting money from Mrs. S's mother, who passed away from cancer, gave them all financial power. 

who increased the pressure at the time of the birth of my daughter to get me out of the company. Nice if the first letter when back from childbirth on the desk is a letter from a solicitor.

who used all kinds of horrible bullying tactics, which affected my mental health and wellbeing having a form of PTSD. It went that far that my wife had to call the police and a doctor to protect my life.

who stopped me from legally trading in Penryn for 2 years.

who only paid £50,000 for a well-developed business with 6 employees based on an estimate of Mr. Hutchinson from Peloton for 50% of the shares. I asked other accountants and their estimate was double the amount.

who do not recognize that I helped and allowed, despite concerns, Mrs. S to work in the office with her husband and move away from working as a waitress in a cafe in Truro. This allowed her with her art degree and limited career opportunities to be able to work together with her husband and get a more interesting job.


who decorate themselves with projects they had nothing to do and I did entirely and on software, Vectorworks, they don't use! Foul Play.


who use branding and marketing designed by the founder, which took me 1 year to develop!

who does not recognize that my idea and investment of £10k to create the new website using my friend Tarkus Blackmore rescued our company after the number of inquiries was extremely low? The graphics, the friendly style of the website set the company on the way to success again.


who advertise with a green office such as changing the light in the office and meeting room, which was one of my ideas as a very sensible person to make the office more friendly especially when working late or on weekends on my own. 

who do not recognize my help in the time when their son was born.


who do not recognize, who looked for 4 weeks after the business when the ex-business partner Mr. L was suffering from Meningitis.


who do not recognize the help and support when the mother of Mrs. S died of cancer.


who used my contacts to get a massive discount on refurbishing their house in Falmouth. The build cost is including discounts, not as advertised £50k on their website (£80k-90k). The kitchen on its own is over £10k. And he gets provisions from a Falmouth Kitchen company near Ponsharden for recommendations.

They both have been invitees to our wedding only a few months before the formal business divorce process started. They already must have had their intentions at the time of the wedding. No very honourable. I wish they have been honest and just found a reason not to appear. 

Both my ex-business partners showed a very ugly side. Mrs. S was even a bit more ugly. She was like the "Stiefmutter" in Brother Grimm's tales. Böse, kaltherzig, skrupellos, despite us, getting our baby daughter. They are both acted like Twits and I don't want to see them again.

All they care for is money £££££££££££££ and themselves.

At the hight of the first lockdown they played with toilet rolls celebrating they are sorted while many others find empty supermarket shelfs. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CldeFBYZ13c

metaphoric and symbolic picture of how I felt both of my ex-business partner and his wife treated me. They did not use a knife but equally smart and sharp ways to bully and harass me. In the end, I was forced to accept a purchase agreement (as otherwise the company was declared  insolvent due to the vote of two directors, which was not the case at the time) and bought by the best offer without any payment to any shareholder. How should I pay for all legal fees £25k and looking after a family with a newborn baby? They of course just inherited a lot of money. Any agreements, the valuation and the purchase of the company were not fair, no was the process and no was my degradation and bullying before.