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Welcome to the website of the local architect studio Hormann Architects based in Falmouth. We are involved in all kind of projects and we are curious of people, spaces and challenges.
We treat design and architecture like writing a story, a story of spaces. For us it is most satisfying if ideas, space, houses, buildings, structures become in a metaphoric sense stages, film sets for more stories of human interaction and places which leave memories, history.
Spaces have such a great impact on the health and well being, creativity, interaction, communication, behaviour of humans and also other lifeforms in our environment.
There is a great responsibility to design "good" spaces so that they are attractive & beautiful, efficient & functional, technically strong & protecting from outside elements. 

Whether you are thinking about buying a property and want to run a feasibility study before you commit, or have particular concerns and questions, please get in touch. We can often suggest alternative solutions to meet your objectives, which may even prove practical and cost effective.

We can help with interior design and have a particular mission to create spaces for humans which are healthy and promote quality of life.



Dipl.-Ing. Michael Hormann Engineer & Architect

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Michael Hormann is a German engineer and architect who has been based in Cornwall for over twelve years. He has extensive experience both locally and abroad and is an RIBA chartered architect. He has lent his skills to a vast array of projects including restorations of listed buildings, new builds, adaptations, and conversions of family homes and commercial properties.

Michael's work as an architect is underpinned by previous civil engineering experience in Germany, where he worked as a technician on bridges, roads, drainage systems and renaturation projects. His expertise shines through in innovative, practical, and beautiful designs and a 'hands-on' approach through every stage of a construction project.

Michael founded his previous company Märraum in 2013 where he was architect and his architect and ideas were brought to life through the business. He "divorced" Märraum in early 2018. See Michael Hormann's Portfolio for a glimpse of his previous projects.



My experience of many different jobs made me even more respectful of other professions and skills, of people and life. It helps me to listen and understand requirements and processes and come up with ideas and solutions. But most important is an attitude which is we can do it, there is a solution a way.

Compulsory community service in a hospital and elderly care home,

accredited and licensed tennis-trainer specialised children tennis, apprentice and technician in civil engineering, internship on building sites, working in a joinery and installing exhibitions, studying architecture in Münster NRW with a degree of an Engineer in Architecture, working while studying in a call centre and on building sites and in a commercial warehouse for a skateboard company, part of a cartographic team working on the demarcation of Saudi Arabia and Yemen, part of a team analysing aerial photos  of agriculture areas in the EU, internship in a media and advertising company, work for a tree house architect, work for several architects, work for CAD Architects in Cornwall, Sole founder of Märraum Architects in Falmouth.


founder of Concept Shed 
engineer and client

Thank you Michael. Without your vision, intelligent design and pragmatism we would not have been able to self-build.


With your expertise, we have a house that not only reflects our aesthetic, but also works to meet our needs as a family. Your guidance and constant support have been vital in realising this project.


Development Director at Robotmother, the client of the "Brain of Brian" barge and the "Jubilee Warehouse" in Penryn

Michael’s visual skills were really valuable. He considered the context of the barge and made sense of the whole area.


Client and bandmember of the Wives of Farmer in Cornwall

Michael’s the kind of person who, if he knew you weren’t happy about something, wouldn’t sleep. And that’s rare nowadays. He cares, that’s the key to it.


Client and founder of a flower studio in Cornwall

We could not have been happier with Michael’s passion, ideas, expertise and care over our project. He thought out of the box and made every inch of space count.

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